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Here at realpsychedelics we dont just sell out psychedelic products to customers but we orientate them and teach them on how to consume the products the right way. If you are a newbie and you are wondering how to go about micro dosing need not to be afraid for you are at the right place kindly clear all your doubts by visiting our online customer help and clarify your doubts. We got a team of trained experts who will guide you through your first psychedelic experience. Here at realpsychedelics you can get LSD blotters, Gel tabs, DMT crystals, DMT vape carts, Ketamine crystals, Kratom, MDMA penis envy mushrooms, Golden teachers mushrooms and more. Need help contact our online customer service for assistance.

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You must not necessarily be a pro before you can order from our shop we are always online ready to assist our customers who are not familiar with psychedelics to help them make the right choice for micro dosing. Our expert customer service is always online to assist you if you got any worries don’t hesitate to contact our online help support. Realpsychedelics provides our customers with premium LSD blotters, LSD gel tabs, DMT crystals MDMA, Penis envy mushrooms and more


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Wow finally found that one legit source online where i can get my LSD blotters and DMT crystals from amazing customer service though i was a novice but the guided me through on how to go about doing psychedelics Legit dispensary.

Alison Dan

From Toronto Canada

Package usually arrives 24 hours after i always place my order i am always happy with the contents of my package besides the thing i enjoyed most about these shop is their DMT carts they caught my mind on that. I Love these dispensary

Jessica Reine

From Liverpool UK

Great customer service though i never purchased from the shop but i just needed help on how to micro dose shrooms and i think i just found that one place where all my questions were answered and i learnt new techniques on how to micro dose shrooms just placed my order couple of hours ago i think its time i try them out they have been of great help.

Briana Alice

From New Orleans USA

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